armies i own

  • death korp of krieg army(still gathering money)
  • ogre blood bowl team(not finished)
  • isengard army
  • chaos marines(steel bretheren/iron warriors)
  • e,pire army(rogue army of helicarnassus)

new conversons and painting thingys

Sunday, 28 February 2010

saturday ad sunday

well not an awful lot to say but i had quite a few games over the period of the weekend firstly on saturday it was the battle missions preview so i had roughly 4 1000pt games. first one was against johns orks who i had never beaten before in a one on one fight which was a bit of surprise i won, second was against jonnys space marines (black crusade) and i obliterated his army (13 kilpoints to 0),then i played against someone who i cant remember lol and lastly i played the tryrannids and won again so scaturday was a good day for me. on sunday i play jacobs warroirs of chaos and smashed them (im noticing a pattern here) then i played for 70% of the evil side of a 5500 a side 40k game (with my chaos marines) i won it for the evil side (against inquuisitors,1500pts,imperial guard,1500pts, space marines,2000pts, and more space marines,500pts, and on my side (my chaos+gws chaos ,3000pts, and matts orks 1000pts.

thanks for reading
sorry for poor spelling im noty feeling too well

happy wargaming
james g. :)

Friday, 26 February 2010

latest updates

hey all i have good news
finally got a camera available and will start putting pictures of my figs and projects up within a week
also i wanted to carry on with warlord but i painted bezerkers instead and nearly lost the will to live after a few hours lol

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

dear bloggers
i have jus thad a spark of iration and have finally completeed building the last drop pod now ive got to convert it into a death claw like ththers i will put some pics up when there done :)

thanks for reading

james g

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

current workings

hello bloggers just postin this so my blog dosent look completely vacant
just finished painting another rhino and 10 bezerkers of khorne
although i forgot i still had my blazier on and i turned round to grab the fortress gray and spilled half of my baal red over the table i now have red hands lol
also nearly wnt insane with warlord because i was working on its knee and ran out of faom board when all i needed was one little strip of it!

thanks for reading

p.s i will be posting updates almost every day...almost.....hopefully someone will read