armies i own

  • death korp of krieg army(still gathering money)
  • ogre blood bowl team(not finished)
  • isengard army
  • chaos marines(steel bretheren/iron warriors)
  • e,pire army(rogue army of helicarnassus)

new conversons and painting thingys

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

current workings

hello bloggers just postin this so my blog dosent look completely vacant
just finished painting another rhino and 10 bezerkers of khorne
although i forgot i still had my blazier on and i turned round to grab the fortress gray and spilled half of my baal red over the table i now have red hands lol
also nearly wnt insane with warlord because i was working on its knee and ran out of faom board when all i needed was one little strip of it!

thanks for reading

p.s i will be posting updates almost every day...almost.....hopefully someone will read

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