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Sunday, 28 February 2010

saturday ad sunday

well not an awful lot to say but i had quite a few games over the period of the weekend firstly on saturday it was the battle missions preview so i had roughly 4 1000pt games. first one was against johns orks who i had never beaten before in a one on one fight which was a bit of surprise i won, second was against jonnys space marines (black crusade) and i obliterated his army (13 kilpoints to 0),then i played against someone who i cant remember lol and lastly i played the tryrannids and won again so scaturday was a good day for me. on sunday i play jacobs warroirs of chaos and smashed them (im noticing a pattern here) then i played for 70% of the evil side of a 5500 a side 40k game (with my chaos marines) i won it for the evil side (against inquuisitors,1500pts,imperial guard,1500pts, space marines,2000pts, and more space marines,500pts, and on my side (my chaos+gws chaos ,3000pts, and matts orks 1000pts.

thanks for reading
sorry for poor spelling im noty feeling too well

happy wargaming
james g. :)

1 comment:

  1. Yea you smashed me but I almost got the steam tank down to half wounds and I think I used my wizard better than normal, I had a rubbish list, lets face it 5 knights and 1 unit of WoC surrounded by 4 characters and 3 units of m.horemen is terrible. Next time it will be the jugger as the lord and 2 units of knights plus there will be no palanquin and an extra horsey character, character go something like this,

    jugger lord
    exalted on foot (a little trick up my sleeve)
    exalted on horse (well actually a conversion from gamesday, he is half saurus)
    and either a nurgle or tzeentch wizard or maybe just go 4 fighters and try to get some magic defence items, we will see.

    play you again soon (though not next week)