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Monday, 15 March 2010


soz bout last post (i pressed enter by mistake)
also im sorry i have not posted in a while ive just been bogged down left right and centre by homeowrk and revision
but non the up note i have the models for my blood bowl team!
i have 6 ogres,and 12 gnoblars (not all on at the same time obviously)
also nearly done with my nurgle doomsday device and have started painting on my storm sword
all in all quite a bits happened but i will start putting pics up when my mum will let me use the freakin camera!!!
p.s thanks for the shout out and id love to have you a game on sunday or saturday :)

thanks for reading

pps thanks for those of you who allready follow me and hopefully therte will be many more followers in the coming weeks...
thanks to:
Gamers World (Jacob)

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  1. No need to thank me, man- I'm happy to follow the posts of another player!

    Do you play Blood bowl often? Happens to be one my favorite games!